Over 1,000 patients travel in excess of 80 kms per year to seek treatment at The Northern Hospital. Northern Health recognises that being disconnected from family and friends can have adverse effects on a patient’s health and wellbeing. In 2017, the Northern Health Foundation will build homes to assist patients and their families visiting or seeking treatment at one of Northern Health’s campuses. In particular the Foundation will seek to assist patients in the following four areas;

  1. Families visiting from regional areas and interstate
  2. Patients in between treatment
  3. Clinical staff including on call and short term international appointments.
  4. Support for the indigenous community

I was really scared when the doctors told me that I had to deliver my baby immediately or die.

Who wouldn’t be?

I’d like to tell you what happened because there is something truly amazing you can do for others who might be in the position that my baby and I were in.

That’s to make a donation to help Northern Health build accommodation for people like me who have to be with sick children or other relatives while they’re in hospital.

This is my story…

“Building accommodation is a fantastic idea. And it’s needed. I do hope you can help others in this situation in the future by making a lovely Christmas donation.”