Northern Health Foundation is raising funds for an Anorectal Laboratory to help minimise risks associated with OASIS patients (Obstetrics Anal Sphincter Injury) at Northern Health.

This financial year, our fundraising efforts are looking a little different as we focus on raising money for an Anorectal Investigations Laboratory at Northern Health. Comprising three separate pieces of equipment, the laboratory will help to significantly improve the standard of care our doctors and nurses can deliver to patients.

With approximately 3,700 babies being delivered at Northern Health each year, a number of patients will experience tearing and other injuries through the natural birthing process. Bringing new life into the world is incredibly special and should be a positive experience. By providing access to this specialised equipment, our clinicians will have access to evidence based information, enabling them to provide more accurate advice to their patients and minimise the risk of injury.

This equipment not only benefits people giving birth. It also supports a cohort of patients with bowel conditions such as IBS and Crohn’s Disease. Until now, Northern Health is the only health service in Victoria that does not provide this service. This means that currently, patients are having to go elsewhere for further investigation.

Having the appropriate equipment at Northern Health will ensure patients receive appropriate treatment when they need it, right here in their community.

With the help of our donors and supporters, Northern Health Foundation continues to fund life-changing equipment for the northern community.

If you would like to help support this campaign, please click here, and know that 100 per cent of your donation will be going towards this wonderful cause.

Image: Dr Neil Strugnell, Head of Colorectal Surgery, Northern Health