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Holidays are a time for enjoyment but you never know when disaster will strike.

Adrian discovered that when he got a life-threatening infection while on holiday.

He puts his survival down to the excellent care he received from Northern Hospital Epping.

It was just a little graze on his leg.

Adrian had no idea it was harbouring a deadly, flesh-eating bacteria.

He and his family had been on holiday in Fiji. He’d scraped his leg on the step of the swimming pool. It could happen anywhere.

Within hours of arriving back in Australia he was already septic.

As the disease ate away at his leg, a team of doctors from the medical, intensive care, plastics, renal and infectious diseases departments of the Northern Hospital battled to save Adrian’s life.

Adrian’s wife Enzo was told to fear for the worst. One in 4 people don’t survive the necrotising fasciitis that was attacking Adrian, sending him into septic shock and at one stage causing his kidneys to fail.

You see great health care is no accident. It’s the result of your health service and people like you, in our community, working together.

It’s seeing constant and growing demands for care in the rapidly growing area of northern Melbourne. Presentations to the Emergency Department in Christmas week alone have increased by 20% in the past four years. Last Christmas over 2648 people presented at Northern Hospital Epping’s Emergency Department the week of Christmas to New Year’s Day alone.

Like Adrian, if something happens to you or your loved ones over the holiday season (and I sincerely hope it doesn’t), you want the reassurance of having access to the best possible treatment.

That’s why your support is so important.

You help make your local health service a great health service.

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