Help Us Save Lives

The annual Northern Health Foundation Raffle is on again.

This year you have a chance to win 5 prizes which includes:

1st – Hyundai Kona Includes all on road costs. RRP: $29,037.23

2nd – Helloworld Travel: Trip for 2 to Cairns including 5 nights accommodation, breakfast and airfares. RRP $3,000.00

3rd – Samsung 50″ 4k UHD Smart LED Television RRP: $1,095.00

4th – Mantra Epping Voucher Includes 1 night accommodation, 2 course dinner and full buffet breakfast for 2 people. RRP: $500.00

The Early Bird Prize has been drawn. Click here to find out if you had the winning ticket.

Funds raised from the raffle will go towards the purchase of an additional emergency accommodation property for Northern Health patients families who travel from rural and regional Victoria to support their loved ones.

  Donations over $2 are fully tax deductible.

When it comes to health care, Northern Health is all about you.

Our goal is to give you and your family the very best care and support we can.

Right now we need your help.

Your gift will be used to help provide 60 new cutting edge defibrillators across our service. So if anyone has heart failure, the best equipment will be immediately at hand.

You’ll be helping to give the people in Melbourne’s north – you and people you care about – the best possible equipment and services available.

It’s important to have the best equipment available because you just never know when one will be needed if someone has heart failure.

It’s all part of making sure you have the health care you need, when you need it.

Why is that important?

The answer is simple.



It’s because Northern Health is all about you…


And all the other people like you who use Northern Health’s services.

Like 77-year old Colin Berryman, who could barely manage to take out the rubbish.

He was able to benefit from an innovative new approach to inserting a heart pacemaker.

Before, says Colin, “I could hardly walk from the house to the end of the driveway with the wheelie bin.”

“Now I can mix bags of concrete and lay bricks, it’s just incredible” he says.

Your gift makes a serious difference

Whilst early CPR is crucial in the event of a cardiac arrest, defibrillators are ultimately what is needed to restart your heart. For you, it is important these are readily accessible and easy to use for our staff. Help us help you – restart your heart.

Professor Bill van Gaal
Divisional Director of Emergency Services and Director of Cardiology

As soon as we get enough funds we can begin upgrading the equipment across our service.

And every time you come to Northern Hospital, for yourself, or to see someone else, you’ll see the defibrillators around the hospital and across the service, you’ll know that you helped put them there.

Northern Health is your health service. They’re your hospitals. It’s your emergency department.

Please donate today. We’d like to have the best possible equipment available for you as soon as possible.