Activity Packs Donated to our Children’s Ward

Thomastown East Primary School students participated in ‘Go Casual Clothes for Northern Health Day’ earlier this year, helping to raise over $300 for our health service. This was a tremendous effort from the school and the young students who were eager to help our diligent staff.

Recently, Natalie Carroll, Advisor Volunteer Services, was pleased to present a certificate of appreciation to the students, on behalf of Northern Health.

Paired with this certificate was a $150 voucher graciously donated by Scholastics, as a further incentive for students to dress up and raise money. Upon receiving these, Jeremy Blaney, Thomastown East Primary School Principal, kindly offered to dollar match the Scholastics amount, to help Northern Health purchase stationery items for our Children’s Ward.

Jeremy personally delivered over 50 packs filled with colouring books, pencils and texters for the children to enjoy, saying he was more than happy to help our little patients in any way he could.

Natalie was overwhelmed by this, saying, “It is so heartwarming to know we have such a tight-knit community here in the north. It’s people like Jeremy and Scholastics that are really helping to make a difference any way they can. Kindness like this just creates a ripple out and we feel the effects of it so much more than people know.”

This act of kindness has allowed our young patients to keep busy during their hospital stay, which can often be a daunting experience. Courtney Lowry, Nurse Unit Manager Children’s Ward, was thrilled upon receiving the packs.

“They have been so wonderful in being able to put a smile on the kids’ faces. It also helps them pass the time, as it can often be quite boring for our younger patients whilst in hospital, especially for longer stays,” she said.

Northern Health Foundation would like to extend their gratitude to Jeremy and the students for their contributions to our health service. The $300 will go towards helping our charity arm, Northern Health Foundation, give back to our patients and staff.

Keep up the great work!

Jeremy Blaney, Thomastown East Primary School Principal and Natalie Carroll, Advisor Volunteer Services

Aila, Rayli, William and Charlotte with Natalie and Jeremy.