Above Image Taken in October 2019 before COVID-19.

Easy Steps to help you host an event in the time of COVID-19

Decide on an Event or Activity

Hosting your own event offers the perfect way to gather your friends, networks, family, colleagues and community together whilst at the same time raising funds to support Northern Health Foundation and your local health service.

Firstly, before you decide on your event or activity you need to consider the impact of COVID-19 on how many people you can bring together and the importance of maintaining social distancing.

The rules around public gatherings and maximum number of people that can gather are changing regularly.  We recommend you visit the Department of Health and Human Services website to obtain the latest most up to date information.  Learn more here.

Event Ideas and Inspiration

For inspiration we would like to suggest some ideas for events and activities that would be suitable to fun as virtual events or small gatherings.

  • Hold a virtual trivia night
  • Have an online dress up party
  • Host a Netflix Movie Night
  • Donate your birthday – ask for donations in lieu of gifts

There are a range of online tools that can support your event including Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts.  Northern Health Foundation is in partnership with JustGiving which can support your fundraising event by taking donations and providing tools for you to easily connect with your networks.

Visit our JustGiving site to learn more here.

Contact Us

You may also have some ideas on how to fundraising which is great – please contact us on (03) 8405 2897 or email northernhealthfoundation@nh.org.au if you need to discuss any aspect of your fundraising activity.

Please register your event with Northern Health Foundation by completing the form below: