Every bequest, no matter how large or small, helps to strengthen Northern Health’s future.

Your enduring gift will help us continue to save lives and help build a healthier Northern Community into the future.


Why Leave a Bequest to Northern Health Foundation?

When you choose to leave a gift in your Will to Northern Health Foundation, the Northern community will benefit both now and into the future. Your generosity will enable us to continue to fund the purchase of medical equipment, fund medical research, innovation and training for the next generation of healthcare professionals.  It will also help us to continually improve and grow our healthcare service as the population in the North continues to grow and demand for our services increase.

What is a Bequest?

A bequest is a formal instruction in your Will to leave a gift to a specific person, organization or charity.  The gift could be in the form of money, property or other asset.  Northern Health Foundation recommends that you seek legal advice when preparing your Will and discuss the instructions you are making in your Will with your family or close relatives.

What are the types of Bequests?

There are three types of bequests you can make in support of the Foundation.  They include:

  • A set amount of money or a pecuniary bequest;
  • The residue or a percentage of the residue of your estate once other bequests have been made.  This is known as a residuary bequest;
  • A specific asset, which could be property, art works or shares.

Changing or Updating your Will?

Making a change or updating your Will is neither difficult nor expensive.  If you already have a Will you can easily add the Northern Health Foundation through a legal amendment to your existing Will.  This is known as a codicil.  It is important to seek legal advice when making a change or updating your Will.

More Information

To download more information on suggested wording Click Here for Bequest Information.

Please Let Us Know

If you have already left a bequest to Northern Health Foundation or are considering leaving a bequest please let us know as we would like the opportunity to recognise and thank you for your gift.

For a confidential chat or for further information, including suggested wording for leaving a legacy in your will please contact:

Northern Health Foundation E: northernhealthfoundation@nh.org.au  P: 8405 2897