Workplace Giving

As an employee of Northern Health, you have the unique opportunity to support and contribute to the health service and the care of our patients and families through Workplace Giving.

Workplace Giving donations are made through regular pre-tax payroll deductions, so there is no need for a tax receipt. Just nominate your preferred donation amount per pay period and you’re ready to go. By making regular donations, you’ll receive the tax benefit immediately and you’ll be helping to make a difference to our health service.

How Workplace Giving makes a difference….

All donations for the health service are made to the Northern Health Foundation, which is the charity arm of Northern Health. The Foundation guides fundraising activities on behalf of Northern Health and raises and distributes funds so it can:

  • Purchase state-of-the art medical equipment and technology to improve the care given to our patients;
  • Support the upgrading of patient and visitor facilities across Northern Health;
  • Fund PhD Research Scholarships that will support ground breaking medical research.

To become a Workplace Giver, simply complete the Authorisation Form below.

Authorisation Form

Yes, I would like to make a regular donation to the Northern Health Foundation through Workplace Giving.

Please deduct the amount indicated below from each pay period.


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Contact Us

To learn more about Workplace Giving and how it makes a different to Northern Health, please contact the Foundation on:

(03) 8405 2897