Donation that warms both milk and hearts

Thanks to the generous fundraising efforts of UBC – Uncle Bobs Club, a local north-west Melbourne branch of the Victorian charity, Northern Hospital Epping has been fortunate to receive four Medela Milk Warmers, valued at just over $5,600.

These warmers have proven to be a valuable addition for nursing staff and new parents, providing them with convenient equipment that is easy to use. The Medela Milk Warmers play a crucial role in ensuring that babies in our care receive milk at a consistent temperature, maintaining its integrity.

“The new technology milk warmers help to maintain the optimal integrity of human milk and they provide a safe, hygienic and standardised method for preparing feeds without the use of warm water,” says Molly Mathew, Nurse Unit Manager.

“The milk warmers are also versatile enough to accommodate syringes, making them ideal for feeding babies who require tube feeding.”

In addition to the recent donation of milk warmers, UBC also funded an ice machine for the Children’s Ward in 2020. This ice machine has been a gift that keeps on giving, as it produces large amounts of ice instantly, which is used to minimise discomfort in orthopaedic patients with fractures and reduce swelling on patient’s limbs prior to surgery.

It also serves as a comforting solution for children who are reluctant to take fluids or recovering from surgery, allowing them to suck on ice until they are ready to resume a regular diet. The machine also ensures that chilled water is readily available to all patients and their families.

UBC have also purchased a sleeper chair for our Maternity and Children’s Ward.  Sleeper chairs are designed to act as both a chair and a temporary bed for visitors, providing parents and partners a place to rest while they watch over their loved ones.

UBC exists to benefit the lives of children with medical needs in Victoria. They fund equipment for hospitals and support health organisations in the community through their Local Giving for Local Health initiative. They also support the high quality of Victoria’s healthcare work and education through Scholarships and Fellowships.

“We sincerely thank Uncle Bobs Club for their unwavering support of Northern Health and look forward to seeing how our partnership continues benefiting the lives of children with medical needs, right here in the north,” said Melissa Grenville, Director, Northern Health Foundation.

“We also acknowledge and thank the Foundation who continue facilitating these important items and projects that are changing lives within our health service.”

Featured image: Melissa Grenville, Northern Health Foundation Director, Courtney Lowry, Molly Matthews and Uncle Bob Club’s Steve Bates, Stacey Ramadge and Paul Etherington.