Making a difference to the health outcomes of our smallest patients

For over 30 years, the Humpty Dumpty Foundation has been providing essential, and often life-saving, medical equipment for sick and injured children in hospitals across Australia.

The Humpty Dumpty Foundation is the largest charitable supplier of children’s medical equipment behind state and territory governments across Australia, and is working hard with health officials and communities to ensure all states and territories have the equipment they need. To date, Humpty Dumpty has raised over $90 million, and in 2021, donated a record-breaking 700 pieces of medical equipment nation-wide.

Northern Health Foundation relies on support from charitable organisations like Humpty Dumpty to fund essential equipment for Northern Health. Currently, over 20 pieces of equipment have been donated to our maternity ward and neonatal unit over the past few years. This equipment includes Rad 5 Oximeters, Connex Vital Signs Monitors, a 950 Humidifier and an ECG machine with cart, all contributing to the invaluable resources within our health service.

AV Jennings Foundation partnered with Humpty Dumpty to support the purchase of the 950 Humidifier for Northern Health’s neonatal unit.

Today, Serpil Gurel and Suzan Jabbour from the AV Jennings Foundation, toured our neonatal and maternity wards to see first-hand how the 950 Humidifier enhances care for our smallest patients; our precious newborns.

Molly Mathew, Acting Nurse Unit Manager, Neonatal, was only too happy to provide a tour to our donors saying, “it’s always a pleasure to show donors the equipment they have funded and how it makes a difference to our patients.”

Serpil and Suzan met Jaxx and his mum Brianna who have been with us at Northern Hospital Epping for the past four weeks. Our visitors were able to see how Jaxx’s breathing was being aided by the humidifier.

“The 950 Humidification system is a vital part when using respiratory support within the neonatal unit as humidification assists with the natural defense mechanisms in the airway. Reflexes such as sneezing, coughing, and gagging are supported by the natural filtration of nasal hairs and the upper airway. In preterm infants, these mechanisms can be underdeveloped. The humidification is necessary to avoid drying of respiratory secretions and for maintaining nasal cilia function due to the high flow rate,” explains Molly.

According to Pina Di Donato, Executive Director, Public Affairs and Foundation, who was also on the tour, “Having a donor tour is a great opportunity for us to thank Humpty Dumpty Foundation and their partners for their support, and explain how their generosity has improved patient care. It was a pleasure to have Serpil and Suzan visit us today. We really enjoy the opportunity to connect with our donors in person.”

We sincerely thank AV Jennings and Humpty Dumpty Foundation for their continued support of our heath service, and helping us provide the latest and most essential equipment for our little patients.