New, life-changing Equipment at Northern Health’s Ophthalmology Department

At Northern Health, while we have been busy dealing with the impact of COVID-19, we haven’t lost sight of our other patients who need our care every single day. As a Foundation, our role is to support Northern Health in their vision to create a healthier community. We do this by funding life-changing equipment, research and training.

We are currently working on a fundraising campaign which aims to improve the outcomes of patients with cataracts. According to the World Health Organisation, cataracts is one of the world’s leading causes of blindness.

A past patient, Richard O’Hea, describes it as feeling as if he was ‘always in a fog.’

I would constantly be rubbing my eyes thinking they
had dirt in them. So, when I was finally diagnosed
as having cataracts, I knew I needed to be proactive
about getting it seen to. I am a really active person –
the last thing I wanted was to progressively go blind.’

The time has come for us to upgrade some of the equipment in our Ophthalmology Department. This equipment has served us well, performing over 1,400 operations each year. But the demand for our services is growing. The longer patients wait to be treated, the higher the risk of legal blindness, or even total blindness.

By purchasing the latest state of the art equipment, our dedicated doctors, led by Dr Suheb Ahmed, Director of Ophthalmology, can attend to even more patients sooner. Patients will have access to a specialised level of care in their own community rather than having to go elsewhere for treatment.

Can you help make a difference in the ‘eyes’ of our community?

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